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We bind architecture and neuroscience to create healthier cities, that heal, promote and insure physical, mental, and social health.

Architects and urban planners have been responsible for years to craft, visualize, and design solutions for our physical bodies and their limitations. Today, while we evolve in our understanding of our surroundings, bodies, and the way they function, we become more conscious about other aspects of our lives, involving emotions and behavior, therefore we need to rethink the way we design. An urban layout or building, now and in the future should not fulfill just its physical aspect, by solving a problem of functionality but cover the psychological and emotional aspect of the people using it. The spaces of the future will be conscious spaces by melding together cross-sector creative solutions coming from neuroscientists, architects, urban planners, environmental therapies, psychologists, behavioral scientists, and community planners.


We craft and develop research on urban design, mental and physical health, to find links between neuroscience and the built environment.


NEUAR is a community working on creating a healthier society by researching links between neuroscience and the built environment while initiating dialog and empowerment between policymakers, urban, and medical practitioners.


Initiating interdisciplinary dialog and collaboration between policymakers, urban and medical practitioners to create more inclusive, democratic and positive cities.


Empowering the community, policymakers, urban and medical practitioners through practical education and evidence-based recommendations to design spaces that improve and reduce mental illness.


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``An absolutely amazing initiative taken by very talented young professionals. They have great discipline and use technical thinking to find solutions to many contemporary problems that affect us all. Their ability to be creative and bring insightful new ideas is impressive. Highly recommend staying on top of their updates as they are in for a long and exciting journey :).``
Pegi Dura

CASS Specialist at ECFMG. USA


``Fantastic initiative in bringing together neuroscience and urban spaces! As a psychologist, I highly recommend your articles and keep on doing this great job!``
Suhida Dermani

Communication Specialist at AZHBR, Albania


Amazing initiative, keep going with your work... 💪😊
Ervin Kurti

Enforce - Engineers for Cooperation and Environment, Albania

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas, research, empowerment, and social change to create healthier cities.

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